In the midst of the green and peaceful countryside you’ll find Bed & Breakfast Uitgerust voor Zaken. Loosely translated the name means Well rested for Business. Bed & Breakfast Uitgerust voor Zaken has a superbly central location. You’ll find a lovely green park just around the corner, the Van Engelenvaart river literally next-door and the town centre of Heerenveen within five minutes’ drive from your location.

You won’t have to stick to business when you stay at Uitgerust voor Zaken. There are numerous possibilities to go for a nature walk, go biking, golfing, fishing, partake in various water sports, soak up some culture, or enjoy a drink and dinner in the town centre. Your hostess, Bianca will be happy to guide you towards the best addresses for your chosen activities or the latest hotspots in town.

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